The National Botanic Garden of Wales @walesbotanic

We had a fantastic trip to The National Botanic Garden of Wales. We did a workshop on pond dipping and absolutely loved it. We found newts, frogs, snails, water fleas, damsel nymphs, a dragon fly nymph, leech, water boatmen, water beetles and ramshorn snails. We loved the experience and really enjoyed looking at the pond life through the microscopes back in the Garden Classroom.

Then we did a quick tour of the World through the giant greenhouse, visiting Chile, Australia, Canary Islands and Africa. Some of the plants were very unusual – there was one with hooks for catching guinea pigs! Luckily it didn’t catch any children today. Another plant had very pretty flowers which didn’t feel real!

We had a picnic lunch and went to the shop where we tried out our maths – counting/adding money up to £5 and working out change. Our day was complete!

Our school trip By Lydia

On are school trip we looked at plants we saw pretty flowers and smelt herbs. Some of the flowers were pink some were yellow and some were red.We also planted cress and lettece and sunflowers we got to take the sunflowers home.

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