What do we like about our friends? #AntibullyingWeek #friends #PSHE #wordfoto

What  is it about our friends that we like? What do we think is special about them? We thought of all the good things about our classmates and friends and made a special picture of them.  Here are the first  few.

Do you agree?  It made us think about things are important in making friends. What is your special quality?


Maxi 5SC

i    can    see    a   stripy pot     and  sum    anmnemoas   faces

and    pots    and    a    windoa.

the    windoaw    is    bloo and    it   is    oapind  .    I think the pottery is  a    shop  .     Ther      is     agren   fas    on   the    wol.  There are sum    flowers on    shelfs    .