I can see two brothers sailing a boat in a fountain.

I can see two brothers about to play cricket.

I can see a dog near the fountain.

I can see a little fountain.

I can see a boy running between the trees.

6 thoughts on “5 Sentence Challenge by Anish

  1. Well done for spotting lots of interesting things in this very busy picture. Great effort! To make your sentences even better next time, try to start each sentence in a different way. It makes it more exciting to read when authors do this. And you are an author! People have read your work and it has been published online. Excellent! Keep writing as writing gets better by doing more and more.


  2. Hello Anish!
    I’m really pleased to see how carefully you looked at the picture. You have chosen some really interesting things to write about. Are you a sporty chap? Hope to see your work on 5SC again!


  3. Well done Anish. I missed the boy running through the trees at first! And I hadn’t realised the other boys were off to play cricket. Next time we do this challenge, can you make longer sentences? I think you can.


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