i wear warm ciothes in the wunter.


iwearwarmboots and gloves.

If it snows I wear warm thungs.

When it is cold you have to wear warm coat and a warm hat.

4 thoughts on “Warm Clothes by Aljazi

  1. Hello Aljazi,
    Well done for writing 5 great sentences about warm clothes.
    You have written very clearly and have remembered lots of different clothes that help you stay warm.
    Sentences 2 and 3 were hard to read because you have forgotten to leave spaces in between
    each word, but you have remembered to use full stops at the end of each sentence 🙂
    Thank you,
    MrsP Team 5SC


  2. Fantastic writing Aljazi . I can see that you worked very hard to write 5 sentences. Well done! I am looking for you to use capital ‘I’ now when you are talking about yourself.


  3. Well done Aljazi. You typed these up carefully and remembered full stops. Can you see where you needed a space between words? Shall we try to remember them next time to help people to read your writing?


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