Ear muffs cep you warm and hats cep you warm.

pjamas cep you wam vere wam indeed and gloves cep your hands wam. coats cep you warm when it is cold when it is cold. slipus you feet warm listening to the book about the Budees. wacing boots cep you so you are warm.

3 thoughts on “Warm clothes by Lucy

  1. Hi Lucy!
    I really enjoyed reading your 5 Sentence Challenge!
    I like how you’ve written about every key warm clothes.
    Well done!

    Wootton Primary DL’s 5SC


  2. You did so well to finish these 5 sentences this week in the lesson and type them up! You have remembered full stops but there might be a few capital letters missing. Can you see where they go? I am glad you are enjoying the book Daddy is reading.


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