2 thoughts on “Year 1 and 2 made clay models of local buildings for the Eisteddfod

  1. We used a special rolling pin to make roof tiles.
    We rolled and patted squares and fit them together to make a rectangular shape for a house.
    We used rolling pins, knives, special rolling pins with patterns and our hands.
    Clay is sticky so we pressed the pieces together gently with our hands.
    It was tricky making the little shapes because they were fiddly.
    The yellow flower is a daffodil and it is the special Welsh flower. They grow in Wales and there are areas where it is all yellow in March!


  2. We have some questions for you:
    How did you make the tiles on the roof look so real? – from Ece
    How did you make the house shape? – from Khanin
    Which tools did you use? – from Matthias
    How did you stick them together? Arjuna
    What was the hardest thing about making your models? Ishaan
    Why is the boy wearing a yellow flower? – Mr Eaglestone


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