There are 7 recycling bins. Behind them is a huge sea and beach. The recycling bins have different coloured labels. Lots of lovely clouds are floating in the sky. I came up to the recycling and recycled my plastic bottle in the blue labeled bin. Two signs behind the recycling bins. One blue and white bin is behind the red labeled recycling bin. On the sea is two huge boats and I was sailing one he biggest boat and reached there at 17:50 and I swam carefully in the huge big sea. The lifeguard said to come out and I got out and got a ice cream and went happily home to bed.

One thought on “Rajsri. 100 Word Challenge 37

  1. Hello Rajsri,
    Well done for entering this week’s 100WC. I can’t believe you are in year 2, this is very good writing….are you sure you are not year 6! The way you have used different sentence openers and lovely description is brilliant.
    Keep up the good work.


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