th  e      sliverin   snaKe    went    to  ,  the   JUNGL   and  gOt   trapt   , in  a   caj .           a  SILVER  snake   was    upset.     he   lost       his       famile    and   HE  FOND   his     FAMILE  .   THE    SNAKE  WAS   NIS    AND   SENSERBL    AND    NOT SILLY. HE   SMILED    BECAUSE    HE    ATE   ALOT    OF    SAUOgES.

2 thoughts on “5SC Jaylen

  1. Hello Jaylen, do you smile when you eat a lot of sausages like the snake in your story? I do! Watch out for that tricky caps lock key – it causes trouble all the time if you forget it 🙂


  2. Well done Jaylen, you thought about what you were going to write and have written a little story. You have used some super words – sensible and slithering. You have tried to use describing words as well. next time watch out for when you leave the caps lock on!! You get lots of capitals!


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