I brort lots of Acorns .There were two little yello worms.we  had a look if  the Acorns will or wont sink.if the   Acorns Will flot  it wont work to plant them. we haft to put them in a plactic bag and put them in the fridge! Mis thomas  normally sais to put it in the sun shine where it is warm.

by Molly

We want to know what the wiggly worms will grow into. Does anybody know? We found out what the acorn will grow into. Do you know? When we looked closely, 1 acorn had a little shoot already, so Mrs Thomas planted it to see what will happen.

by Mrs Thomas

2 thoughts on “Acorns by Molly

  1. How do you think the worms got in there? Did you take them out and hold them? We enjoyed seeing the photos of your acorns because they helped us to see what you are working on.


  2. Molly there are some broken boned acorns that need some bandages on them who took the pictures because they are epic well done Molly great work keep it up.:):(


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