Mrs Thomas made our batiks into dolls. We are going to put all of our successful targets on the dolls to show how we are achieving. They should be very heavy by the end of term!

2 thoughts on “progress dolls

  1. Batik is when you melt wax and paint a pattern – we used some handwriting patterns- on material. When the wax dries, you can paint over with dye and the colour will not stay where the the wax is. This is called resist. You then iron the material between pages of newspaper to remove the wax and you have a wonderfully patterned material.
    We have some targets to meet this year in school, such as writing in sentences, using full stops, adding to 50 or 100 etc. When Mrs Thomas thinks we are doing this, the doll is going to get a bead and we can colour in the target we’ve achieved on the sheet. We should have some heavy necklaces if we work hard!


  2. You said that you made batiks into dolls. We are wondering, what is a batik? What are you putting on the dolls that make them heavy and why are you doing it? We are interested in learning more about your project. From Mrs. Kelly’s class, Vermont, USA


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