In The market the man sel lots of gold.  There are litl shops  the man sels Osum shoos. hE has lots of shoos red blue green and pink. in the shop the man sels banuna.

2 thoughts on “Ahmad – the market in Dubai

  1. Hello Ahmad, I have seen the markets of Dubai and the gold is amazing. I think I was too focused on the gold to see the awesome shoes. I like the way you have told us the colours of the shoes. Giving details like colour, sound and smell help the reader to picture your scene.


  2. We found a picture of the market in Dubai and there was a lot of gold! It certainly impressed the rest of the class. I really liked all the colourful shoes in a line. You needed a bit of extra time to finish this week Ahmad, but you have written 5 sentences and mostly remembered the punctuation. Try to only use capitals at the beginning of the sentences.


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