The hot air bloon is dangrours  .    It  has beautiful colours . The basket is made out of  wood.  The hot air bloon needs heat  before the   hot air bloon will go.

 The hot air bloon floats in the air.

2 thoughts on “5SC Jaylen

  1. What super sentences, Jaylen! You’ve used some really good descriptive words, like dangerous, beautiful and floats, and have remembered your capital letters and full stops. Well done for spelling beautiful colours correctly, too!
    Mrs Ower (Team 5SC)
    Costa del Sol, Spain


  2. Hi Jaylen,

    Lovely description of the hot air balloon.

    *Fantastic spelling of beautiful!
    *Excellent use of punctuation.
    #You could try to sound out the word ‘balloon’ to get the correct spelling next time, good try though!

    Well done 🙂



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