Hot air baloons go upp after they go down when it is cold. Hot air balloons   go upp because the fire pushes the air balloon upp. Hot air balloons go upp and when it goes upp there are nice colours like green blue yellow purple pink red. People like going in air balloons and they sit in a barsket. There are lots of diffrent kinds of air  balloons.

2 thoughts on “5SC Molly

  1. Hello Molly
    I like going in hot air balloons, too, though I’m a little scared of heights! Well done for this 5SC! You remembered all your capital letters and full stops, and included lots of information about hot air balloons.
    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs Ower (Team 5SC)
    Costa del Sol, Spain


  2. Hey Molly,
    *you have used some good descriptive words
    *your five sentences create a lovely picture in my head of a hot air balloon
    :)To improve this good piece of writing you could maybe add in some commas

    well done, and keep blogging


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