The hot air balloon is floating . I llice hot air balloons . One hot air balloon look lik a klwon . There are lots of hot air balloons at the festival .  The hot air balloons are colouful .

4 thoughts on “Gethin 5SC

  1. I like hot air balloons, too, Gethin, and would love to see lots of them at a festival. Well done for writing so much detail in your five sentences and for remembering all your full stops and capital letters.
    Mrs Ower (Team 5SC)
    Costa del Sol, Spain


  2. Hi Gethin,
    You have used good descriptive language.
    This could be improved by using your phonics to help you spell some words.
    Keep up the good work and carry on blogging!


  3. What lovely sentences! Very well done! Good use of full stops and captial lettes. Can you think of an adjective to describe a hot air balloon?


  4. Great work! I like that you have described what the hot air balloon looks like. Watch out for your spellings but overall this is a great piece of work!


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