The trees are colourful and I like the villages.  There are five sheep in the field and when I grow  up I’m going to live in the posh house. There’s a little girl fishing  by  the stream with her cat. There’s a little boy  looking at a old lamp post. There’s a farmer going to see if the sheep are oK but the dog is following the farmer and the dog wants to go home so the farmer went home finally they lived happily ever after.

2 thoughts on “Molly 5SC

  1. Wow, Molly, super sentences! I agree with Mrs Thomas that your last sentence is too long (I ran out of breath), but you paint a lovely picture with words. You are good enough to use even more describing words next time. Well done!


  2. Wow what a lot of writing! I love the sentence where you imagine which house you would like to live in when you grow up. The last sentence is a little too long and should really be at least two sentences. I like the way you have tried to use finally in your writing though. Well done Molly.


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