Therewas  a  Voncano.  It Was  About to Explode.

Therewas. Thunder And.  Iightning. It scared Me.

A   Bom   Landed On  a  Machine.

2 thoughts on “5SC Daniel Boom!

  1. Daniel,

    I enjoyed reading your 5 sc challenge but I think you need
    to consider your final sentence and also some of your punctuation.

    I like the fact that not only have you have written about volcanoes and storms but also about how these forces of nature make you feel!

    Well done, good use of the prompt this week.

    Mrs W (Team5sc), UK.


  2. You have written about different things which make booming noises. They can be frightening and I don’t think I’d like to be near any of them! We have a few extra capital letters and full stops here. Try and just put one at the beginning of the sentence Daniel. A good start to the 5 sentence challenge. 🙂


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