There  was  a  hors  and  crit.   The  dog  was  wocing   to  the   Pond.  In  the  field  there

Wur   Sheets  of    Grrs.   The  peel   wur   Wearing   old  cols. The wedding   was  a  wedding  in  the  vilg.



2 thoughts on “Ffion 5SC

  1. Hello Ffion,
    My goodness you have noticed lots of different things happening in this picture – I had to look very closely in the picture to find all of the things you mentioned!
    You have tried to start each sentence in a different way – this keeps your writing interesting – keep up the great work!
    Thank you ,
    MrsP Team 5SC

    PS Did you see the cat in the picture???


  2. You have looked carefully at the picture Ffion and describe it well. You are using capitals and full stops well most of the time but there are a few words which don’t need capitals but have them. Can you see where they are?


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