ImageSome   people  are  marryng.A  man  is   putting  roses   in   a   cart. A  dog  is  walking.

Some  things  are  old. 14  birds  are  soring in  the  sky .

2 thoughts on “Zachary

  1. Well done Zachary, you have noticed lots of different things going on in the picture and I like the word soared too! I wonder if you could add more adjectives next week.. shall we try?


  2. Hi Zachary! I enjoyed reading your challenge this week! You have focussed on some interesting details in the picture. I also like how you were very specific about the number of birds flying. What wonderful attention to detail! I love the word soaring, it is very descriptive! Keep on writing!

    Ms. Russell (Team 5sc)
    Markham, Ontario, Canada


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