We visited Roath Fire Station on Thursday and had the most fantastic time! We sprayed water, and had a fast ride on a fire engine!IMG_0276 IMG_0275 IMG_0273 IMG_0272







Aisha, Hiba , Peyton, Jack, Nasser, Nivas liked riding on the fire engine the best! They enjoyed turning corners really fast with the sirens on!

Charlie and Oliver liked shooting water from the hose!

Chris enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about what firemen and women do everyday.

The firemen told us about all the different parts of their job and what all the equipment was for. We thought about how the firemen know where to go when there is a fire and also about the special clothes they wear to protect them when they fight a fire.

One thought on “Visit to Roath Fire Station

  1. We have a connection with you! Firefighters came to our school to visit. They taught us about fire safety too. What was it like at the fire station you went to? Was it fun taking a ride in the fire truck?


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