Today we looked at a scene of people relaxing by a river in the summertime as a prompt for the 5 Sentence Challenge. Everyone wrote 5 sentences about the picture. Here are some of them…

Hiba wrote
There are three dogs.
Children are plaing with there mum.
There are lots of boats.
I can see lots of peopl.
I can see three granys.

Aisha wrote
There are three dogs playing in the summer.
There are houses and shops in a row.
The people are having there picnic.
There are three gramas siting on the bench.
There are boats coming from the other side.

Nasser wrote
I can see a dog runeg.
I can see the peell havin piknek.
I can see the peell seting in the gras.
Thes a mum pleying weth a cdrun.
I can see the bowt has numdus.

Chris wrote
There are numbers on the boats.
There is a valley.
There are tow shops.
I can see people having a picnic.
There is many houses.

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