On Friday I  went to Brownies. Brownies is a club where you do games, cooking, trips and other fun things. In Brownies a few weeks a go we had to blow out candles and were learning about Alice in wonderland. One week we did a word-search with sentences and words and in eight weeks we get a Alice in wonderland badge. On the nineteenth of November we are going to Cadbury’s World. And we might be able to tast the cholcolate and make some chocolate.It was my first day a couple of weeks ago and I was nurfes I ingoy it now. When we go to Cadbury’s world we are going on a bus. In Brownies there is another girl called Lydia and another girl called Imogen there are three teachers. Last week we made paper teapots with jewels on them. It was from the mad hatters tea party. We play a game called river bank and another game where there was two chairs on each side of the room and there would be a ten pence on one chair and a two pence on another chair there would be two groups and there would be nine in each group and the teacher would tell one of the groups to get the two pence and the other to get the ten pence and one of the teachers would give you a number I was number nine and when they call your number you would run and get your coin. Some of the children aren’t going to Cadbury’s world but I am.

3 thoughts on “Lydia My diary

  1. I can’t bileve it.How many Lydia’s were there? What did you’re mum do because I like it when you’re mum has fun.And I like it when you write about three teacher’s. from Badr


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