Pretty flowers are hanging from baskets and balconies on terraced houses.

There is a white  church in the middle of town, with a blue roof and some gold for decoration.

There is a dusty bike parked next to a house on the pavement.

There are towels hanging over someone’s balcony because they are drying in the sun’s heat.

The sun is shining  on some beautiful bright, white, terracotta and orange  houses.

2 thoughts on “5sc-Badr

  1. I think my favourite sentence in these is the fourth sentence Badr. They are all brilliant though and it was really hard for me to make a choice. Your writing has really come on this year. I hope you are proud of yourself and will have a look at the 100 word challenge to really stretch your writing journey.


  2. What amazing sentences Badr! I love the way you have said where everything is by using words such as ‘in the middle’ and ‘parked next to’. Good adjectives too! I like the description of the dusty bike. Great work, I look forward to reading more of your sentences next time. Perhaps you could use a simile?


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