Today we had a special lesson with Mr Johnson and year 4 in the chemistry lab. We watched, amazed, while he made water turn different colours! He then admitted that it wasn’t magic or water but special chemicals. It certainly grabbed our attention.

Then Georgiana was given a bottle of see through liquid to shake. She managed to turn it blue, but when when she stopped shaking, it turned back into water.

Then some of the year 4’s poured liquids into different bottles and they kept changing colour. It was really like magic.

Mr Johnson put some metal wool in a test tube and it looked as if it was bleeding. (Year 2 are going to be looking for the metal sheep so if you see any please let us know!)

Then it was time for us to explore colours. We made dots using three different felt pens and then aded water. This is called chromotography. Ask us what happened and why!

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