Grapes are as green as the trees in the woods and is a colour that feels pretty and happy  .

Green reminds me of the  grass because its a light, fresh couler.

Green is the colour of the trees that shimmer in the sunlight.

Green is a graceful colour because caterpillars and moss are green.

Green is the colour of apples and I like green and red apples best.

2 thoughts on “Green by Aimee

  1. Shimmer in the sunlight is a fabulous sentence Aimee!
    You have really worked hard with these green sentences. I hope you are feeling proud of yourself.
    I’m looking forward to reading even more of your sentences on the 5SC.


  2. Super work Aimee, I really like the way that you have told us what green feels like. You have added a simile, thought of lots of things which are green and used some interesting words, like shimmer. I like the colour green and reading your words, I think you do too!


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