Trees are as green as grass in a rain forest.

Green reminds me of moss in a shady wood.

Lime is as green as a stinging nettle in the park.  

A lolly is as green as a house by the park and my cousin likes it. 

Apples are my sisters favourite fruit and I don’t like it.


2 thoughts on “5cs-Georgiana Green

  1. Hello Georgiana.
    I’m pleased that you have told us something about yourself and your sister. I like apples very much. I’m interested in your using lime. That is a really bright green isn’t it.
    It is so good to see your work here on five SC


  2. Well done Georgiana. You have tried out some similes and tried to start your sentences in different ways. I really like the image of the moss in a shady wood and a green rain forest.
    Next time you could add a ‘because’ or ‘but’ sentence to make your sentences longer. Do you think you could try it?


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