The colour green reminds me of a traffic light.

If you get work right in school, you get full marks and you can tick with a green pen.

The leaves are green like a apple.

The mountains are green as a pear and taller than a tree.

Nature remind me of the colour green because  plants and bushes and trees are part of nature.

2 thoughts on “Green By Badr

  1. Well done Badr for these sentences. You have chosen a variety of things to write about. I like the way you have mixed man made as in the traffic light with nature as in the mountains. Well done for using your imagination so well.


  2. You are right Badr, green is a main colour of nature and I think that is why lots of people like it.You have tried to start sentences differently ( I really like the way one starts with If..) and have thought of a simile or two!
    When you say ‘The leaves are… ” perhaps you could say which leaves, such as ‘The leaves on the apple tree are as green as the apples.” or “The leaves on the trees in the park (or the garden or the school) are as green as apples.” What do you think?


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