Green is leaves, growing on trees in Spring.

My beautiful shirt is green with patterns.

My   mum likes green.

My  bedroom  is green.

My keys is green.




2 thoughts on “green Reha 5SC

  1. Hello
    It is very tricky finding sentences when there is only one word but you have done really well finding things to write about for the colour green. I’m glad your mum likes green. Does she wear clothes that are green or does she just choose green when she can?
    Thank you for sharing your work again.


  2. Good Reha, you edited your sentences and added full stops and capital letters. They are much easier to read now! The first two sentences are a bit more interesting than the last three. Can you see why? Is it because they are starting with “My..” and they don’t have any adjectives or description? What could we have added or changed?
    The last sentence doesn’t quite make sense. It should be “My keys are green” or “My key is green.”


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