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Maxi – The flour was falling into a pile because of the machine which was worked by the water wheel.

Reneem – I liked it when we went to find the dinosaur.

Lara – When they put sticks on the fire, it crackled and got hotter.

Isaac – I looked up the chimney by the fire. It was cool and very wide and it looked like a road with rain because it was black.

Rifga – I learned that the houses didn’t have lights. They used candles and lamps. The children didn’t have games like we have.

James – I liked it when we looking for conkers.

Morgan – The children in the olden days had to go and work for their families. I liked the acorns and made an acorn friend.

George – I liked the conkers and acorns.

Hasson – I saw a house with a thatched roof of straw and saw timber frames just like we made.


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