Showcase award. Congratulations James.

12.11.17There is a tall white lighthouse with a light.

There is a big steam boat saleing on the sea.

There is a small rowing boat tied up at the quay.

There are barrels at the clam shop.

There is a beach in the backround.



3 thoughts on “5 sentence challenge James

  1. James you have written some lovely sentences with correct use of capital letters and full stops .Do you think this picture is about today or a long time ago ?


  2. Hello James!
    What super sentences that show me how you have really thought about your sentences.
    To make them even better, can you think of a different word than ‘there’ to begin some of them with?

    Well done
    Mrs Skinner


  3. You have looked closely at the picture James and used adjectives in your description. You have remembered capital letters and full stops. Do you think you could add a joining word next time to join two sentences together?


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