There is a large  white house in the middle of the square and an artist  painting on the dock.      There   are   flags       on    top      of     a     sailing       ship. They are from lots of different countries. There rae      peopel       dansing      up    and       doun . There     are   peopel      biying      ice     ckirm and fish.


2 thoughts on “5 sentence challenge Reneem

  1. You are trying extremely hard to complete the 5 sentences in the time allocated and adding some details in that make your writing more interesting. You needed a bit of help with spelling and capital letters and full stops but I think you will be doing this independently soon.


  2. Hello Reneem
    I can tell that you have a close eye to detail with these sentences. I suspect you had a little help with the first couple but you are well on your way to doing them all by yourself.
    Well done indeed!
    Mrs Skinner


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