the   boat   was    sailing     acros   the      river.           the leevs    ar    orang        and    green.

there is      a`    beech    on     the     oversid.    there    is    a     lit      hous. there is  a    carig and its    tacing    fishto    the    maciet.


3 thoughts on “5 sentence challenge Rifga

  1. Rifga you worked independently and tried really hard with the spelling. Can you try to remember capital letters and full stops next time? You are really looking and trying to describe what you can see in the picture. Well done.


  2. Wow ! You have noticed lots of interesting things about the picture.You have done a great job remembering all the full stops, try next time to remember that every sentence needs a capital letter at the beginning.


  3. Hello Rifga!
    Well, you have certainly looked really carefully at all the picture because you have mentioned things in the background. That means that your writing is going to get even better with that close attention.
    Well done!
    Mrs Skinner


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