There’s some people I think they are aretists because they are painting.

There’s a  light house its black  and white which isn’t very colourful.

There’s barrels of mussels, lobsters and crabs that come from the fishing boats.

There’s some people dancing in the street.

There’s a cool steem boat in the water!



2 thoughts on “5sc Morgan

  1. Super sentences Morgan, as well as using full stops and capital letters correctly you have included lots of detail. I wonder if you have ever tasted mussels,crab or lobster? I think a crab salad is a lovely treat!


  2. Well done Morgan. You are remembering capital letters and full stops and you are using joining words to make you sentences longer and more interesting. I think the painters are artists too. Perhaps they have come especially to paint the little harbour. Lighthouses are often just black and white or red and white. I wonder if you can think why this is or try to find out.


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