Some houses are covered in snow because it is winter.

Cars are covered in snow because it is freezing cold.

There is a robin on a tree and it is cozy in its feathers.

A dog has a coat because he is so cold.

Some people decorated some trees whith bobbles and stars.




4 thoughts on “5 sentence challenge Isaac

  1. Wow Isaac! Your sentences are very detailed and well structured. You remembered to use capital letters and full stops. You have used good adjectives to describe the picture focusing on the less obvious details, well done!
    Maybe next time you could focus on the people in the picture and try to imagine what they could be doing, or where they could be going.


  2. Fantastic job Isaac, you have used capital letters and full stops correctly and have included some conjunctions.You must have looked carefully at the picture to find the robin. Did you know that birds fluff their feathers out to help them stay warm ?


  3. That is the best 5 sentence challenge that we`ve ever seen! You used a lot of detail in the third sentence, you could use more adjectives in the fourth sentence. I really like your fifth sentence because you put a lot of detail.
    By Oliver and Shayaan


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