Some people are rapt around with scarfes and coats and bots  so they are not cold.

Some people are carrying presents  to give to there family, they have lots of present.

There is a christmas tree for chirmas it s a beautiful chirmas tree but there is no star on it.

There are foot steps because people   have been walking in the snow .

Some times I like the winter because it snows a lot and there is snow on somebody’s

blue car.



4 thoughts on “HASSON 5 SC

  1. Good afternoon Hasson,
    You have noticed a lot of things that are going on in the picture, well done! I enjoyed reading your sentences, I especially liked how you used conjunctions to extend your sentences. Next time you could include some adjectives to add even more detail to your exciting writing.


  2. Well done Hasson, you have noticed lots of interesting things about the picture. I am pleased to see you using conjunctions to write longer sentences.Try to remember to use a capital letter for the word Christmas….it is a special day !


  3. Well done Hasson. You are using conjunctions to join your sentences and trying hard to describe what you can see. You could add more adjectives into your work next time and this would make them even better.


  4. Charlie likes your third sentence because it tells me a lot about what is happening and you described it a lot. Mefin likes the 5th sentence because you described it a lot again and he likes how it has snow on it. We like all the sentences because it must have took a long time as well.
    By Charlie and Mefin


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