26.11.17 Some   people  have   built   A   snowman   because   they   are  having   fun  .

A   dog  is   siting  in  some    snow    and   has   a   coat.

I   love   some    presents   because    i don’t  know   whats inside.

There   is  a    robin  in    the   tree watching    the  people  .

I  love  the    Christmas   tree  .

2 thoughts on “Josh 5sc

  1. You have remembered full stops and capital letters and used conjunctions to join sentences. I also really like the way you add what you like about things. Presents all wrapped up are exciting when you don’t know what’s inside! I agree.


  2. Hi josh this is Thuraya and Aisha. We really like your five sentence challenge. We really like the second sentence about the dog sitting in the snow wearing a coat. Next time can you make all your sentences longer.


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