In the book shop there are old dusty books and new suprising ones, there is even one book is with Guy Fawkes on it.

I like the writing above the shop because the S is like a dragon tail.

The girl is wearing a pink dress and a pink hat and the outfit matches.

There is a street cat under the bench where the girl is sitting in the sun and I think the cat likes the girl.

The books are for sale I would like to go and buy one.


3 thoughts on “5 sc Hasson

  1. Some great sentences and you are absolutely correct about the dragon tail in the ‘S’ on the picture – I hadn’t noticed it before. Keep up the great work.


  2. Well done Hasson. you are really working on longer and more interesting sentences.I like your sentences about what you think. Can you think of some ways of starting sentences apart from ‘The’ or ‘There’?


  3. Hasson, you have been super noticing things about the picture and have written some longer sentences. I am pleased to see that you included sentences about what you thought. Well done,keep up the good work!


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