Book-shopI have two books I love. One is about a dolly who fell out of Santa’s sleigh. The second one is Paddington. There’s a beautiful little girl  sitting on a bench outside the shop. I like  the    decoration of the flowers and bunting so much.


3 thoughts on “5 SC Lara

  1. Some great sentences here – well done. I especially liked how you connected your own interests with the picture. I thoroughly enjoyed your sentence about the girl as it used some adjectives – keep up the good work.


  2. I like the way that you given your opinion in this writing Lara. That means that you have told us what you think. I remember the story about the doll who fell from Santa’s sleigh! We read that in school. Try to only press the sapce bar once between words or we get big spaces.


  3. Hello Lara
    These are super sentences that show me just how well you are doing on your writing journey. I found it difficult to chose my favourite but I finally selected number 4.
    Thank you for sharing your writing!


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