fullsizeoutput_8d4Showcase Award. Well done Isaac!

There is a red logo saying The Book Shop and there is loades of  book’s.

I like the book colour’s because it’s nice decoration and they match the flowers.

I have The Twisted Ones and I like it and now I want Silver Eyes.

Some books are expensive like $10!

Why are some books outside the shop?Book-shop

3 thoughts on “5 sentence challenge Isaac

  1. You are working really hard on the 5 sentence challenge Isaac and I am pleased that you write sentences and then edit them to make them even better. You really deserve the showcase award this week. I particularly like the way that you asked a question.


  2. Hi Isaac,

    Well done!

    I like how your reason for why you liked the books colour’s , yes they do match the flowers!
    I like that you have included an open-ended question in your last sentence.
    How do you know that the books are $10, is there something that tells you this?


  3. Isaac,I am pleased to see that you have written some longer sentences. I am also happy that you have found some books to enjoy reading. I think the books are outside because it is sale time and the owner wants people to see that there are bargains !


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