Th  lttle  girl is  wering  a  pink    dress   and   siting   on  a   old   bench.   ther  ar  decorations    hanging  like  flawus and bunting.Book-shop

Ther  ar    lots  of   Books  to    reed  to.   Books   ar  outside.  The littl   girl   has   a   hat.

3 thoughts on “5SC Rifga

  1. Well done, some great sentences. I really liked your use of adjectives about both the girl and the bench – very descriptive. Try to continue using adjectives as it really elevated your writing. Keep up the good work.


  2. Well done Rifga,
    I like the fact that you used ‘and’ to join two sentences and that you are using adjectives. Don’t forget capitals and full stops, you needed reminding to put them in. Keep it up!


  3. Hello Rifga
    Well done for choosing such lovely sentences to write about. You have spotted that there is some bunting which needed very close looking to spot!
    Thank you for sharing your work on 5SC!


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