Can you drink the sea water or river water and why?

Where do we get our clean water from? How does it get to the tap?

What happens to our poo? What is poo power? (Yes really… we have poo power)

How much water do you waste if you run the tap while you are brushing your teeth? Answer in buckets…

How much water will you save if you put a hippo in the cistern behind your toilet? (Not a real one!   .. no animals were injured in this experiment.)

How much water do you waste with a dripping tap for a year?  Answer in baths over a year or ml in a minute…

How much water on our planet is actually available for us to drink?  (and it gets worse…)

Which team could save the most water game?

What happened to Sean’s puddle?

What happens when you heat water and then cool it?

What do evaporation, condensation and transpiration mean?

Water cycle puzzle memory game.

How much water can you carry as a cloud sponge game?

And a special one for L.. How can you get water inside your arm sleeves of your coat?

What a lot of fun we had and how many questions we answered today! Thank you to Sean Powell


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