This blog is to share our work and play in the classroom with parents, relatives and the outside world!
Everything on our blog is public which means that anyone on the internet can view it and comment. This is essential for our work on the 5 sentence challenge. However all comments have to be approved by Mrs Thomas before anyone else can view them.
Please remember parents that you are encouraged to leave comments as the children love them, but please don’t use surnames, just call yourself, Tom’s Mum/grandad etc
Photos make the blog visually more attractive and interesting, but we will remove any image or post if you are unhappy or do not want your child’s image on the internet. Please contact Mrs Thomas.

4 thoughts on “About Our Blog

  1. Hello

    My name is Miss Varley and I am a Y2 teacher in Sheffield. Our class is called Pearl. We have a blog too and we are always on the look out for new blogs to follow. We think your blog looks brilliant and we are looking forward to seeing all the different things you learn about. Please look at our blog at

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Miss Varley and Pearl class x


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