Isaac-5c challge

There is a merry go round but I can’t see what you ride on.

On a verry light red big boat there is writing saying CN238289.

There is a ferris wheel and ferris wheels are called ferris wheels because they are huge wheels.

In France hello is bonjour and in Spain thank  you is grasyas and I wish I lived in France or Spain!

I wonder what the weathers like in the winter?


Hasson 5 sc


There is a ferris wheel because people like to go on it and it moves round.

There is a red and a white boat in the  dirty water but water we drink  is clean.

There is a carousel going round and round  and there are metal horses that people can ride on it.

There are lots and lots of people around the this place in France.

It is a sunny day that’s why they decided to come here for their holiday.


Lara 5sc

There is a colourful ride.

I wish I can ride on the red and white boat  because I love boats.

There are different coloured flags on the boat but there are no sails.

There are millons of people looking around.

There is white writing on the boat beause it could be lost.


5sc Josh

25.02.18  There  is  a  red  boote  in  the  warter .

A big weal  is  spinning   arand in  a fare.

I  see a wite  van  on a rode.

I  thinck this  place  is in  france.

I can  see  different coloured flags on a long wire





5sc Maxi

Look at the boat  and the water  is drity . No wun  is on the big ferris wheel.  I wod                   lik to go on the carouousel. The wether is cloudy.  One man is not wearing a shirt.


5sc Morgan

In the beutiful dock is a wonderful merry go round with colourful horses and caridges.  A red and white boat is waiting to sail on the smothe water.  On the dock is the big wheel (ferris wheel) because they like entertainment. Some people are eating ice cream. There are some  lamposts but one light is fasing up and the other light is fasing down.25.02.18