5SC James

There  is  a  helter skletter  which  looks good  fun.                                                                        There is a  ferris wheel  and people saying yay!

A girl is buying a chocolate icecream.

There are balloons at the icecream shop.                                                                                          There is a black train on the track.


5 SC Hasson

The furris wheel is going round and round poepel are saying hoohry.

There are people getting off the train at the station.

There are colourful  house near to the beach.

There is a kid puting sun cream on his skin because he does not want to be burned.

There are beautiful plants growing next to the man who is having a conversdation with a woman.







5sc Morgan

There’s a ferris wheel spinging faster and faster. There is helterskelter that I would like to go on. There’s a train coming through the tunnel. A kid was buying in a bubblegum ice cream. There’s an arcade with fun games.

5 sentence challenge – James

There is a waterwheel.                                                                                                                        A  girl is holding a baby.                                                                                                                        There is a dog  sitting  by  the lake with a girl.

There are lovely flowers on the grass. There are waterlilies and lily pads in the pond.