5 sc Maxi

There     is     a    clok  on    the     wall. ther    is     a    hat on    a     peg .     There   is    a    toy    house.      There   is    sum    signs and one says gon    fishing  on the table.

There is a blue and white house  on the desk and the girl can play whith it.


Isaac 5sc


There is a doll house whith a blue roof and there are scroo drivers. Grandad is helping the littel girl becuase she is trying to reech the doll house.  There is a lamp on a tall woodenand a coat hanger. There is a hammer, nails and a saw. He is painting on wood to make a sign.




5 sentence challenge Lara

There is a beautiful toy house and a  nice girl.

There  is  a lotte of toys and tools.

There is a paint and a gren and a red tin.

There is a house outside.

There is a coat hanging up.











































































5 sc Morgan

On a wooden bench there is lots of  nail’s and there’s a large hammer too.                              There’s a toy house witch Grandad had fixst and  the girl is playing.                                         There are sine’s on the table and I LOVE THEM because he painting them!                   There’s a blue radio and a ticking clock which are on the shelf.  there are lot’s of broken toys because grandad going to fixs them.04.02.18

5c Rifga

Thers a  toy   house  on  the   desk   because grandad    is mending it.   The  girl is   wering  a skurt.  Thers  a  singh  on   the door and there are signs   on  the   taboil. Thers   pant  on the taboil.04.02.18  the  tabol. Thers a  gurl plaing.

James 5sc

There is a girl  playing with a toy house in grandads wooden shed. There are some broken toys in the shed.There is a clock near a radio. There is a coat hanged up by a hat. There is a house outside because the shed is in Grandads garden.


Josh 5sc

There   is a white dolls   house   with a  blue   roof   and  it is  on  a   wooden   shelf. There   is  a   scroo   driver   shelf   in   frunt    of    the   windo    there    is   a   spider web on the lamp.   grandad     is    wering    a    blue    top   .  there   is   a   wooden   chair.