Fire Visit for Year 1 and 2

The fire fighters from Cardiff central fire station came to tell us about fire safety on Friday. We listened to the story about Tanee who found matches and set fire to her home and we all decided that we would tell an adult if we found matches. Then the fire fighters let us have a go at holding the hose and aiming water at a cone.. We had a lovely afternoon and think we are much more sensible than Tanee!


St Fagans trip Year 1 and 2

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Maxi – The flour was falling into a pile because of the machine which was worked by the water wheel.

Reneem – I liked it when we went to find the dinosaur.

Lara – When they put sticks on the fire, it crackled and got hotter.

Isaac – I looked up the chimney by the fire. It was cool and very wide and it looked like a road with rain because it was black.

Rifga – I learned that the houses didn’t have lights. They used candles and lamps. The children didn’t have games like we have.

James – I liked it when we looking for conkers.

Morgan – The children in the olden days had to go and work for their families. I liked the acorns and made an acorn friend.

George – I liked the conkers and acorns.

Hasson – I saw a house with a thatched roof of straw and saw timber frames just like we made.


Out and About at Fforest Fawr

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Year 1 and 2 along with the Reception class went out exploring the woods behind Castell Coch today. We found so many things which we could tell you about- a dragon, slugs, spiders, acorns, beech nuts, stones, leaves and we made a den.

We watched out for the Gruffalo but didn’t see him although a few were sure that they had glimpsed a scary shadow in the distance! We gathered wood for a fire just in case we had to spend the night in our den but luckily our minibuses arrived to take us home..

One of the things we found was a knopper gall. We will be finding out about that tomorrow. Look out for another blog post on the subject.

Baking bread

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Today we visited the senior school and made bread just like the baker in Pudding Lane! We loved the kneading of the dough – push push, fold, punch. Luckily we didn’t set fire to the room or start The Great Fire of Cardiff.

5 Sentence Challenge


Talk about this picture. What can you see? What colours are there in the picture? What time of year is it? How many people are there? Who do you think they all are? What are they doing?

We have written about this picture on our blog. Can you make any of the sentences better?