scratch games

Year3/4 made games using Scratch. I went to play one.

This game was about a lion and a bat. So you have to pass the bat to get to the cake, but there will be a sound and if you don’t stop when you hear the sound, you lose!

I thought it  was amazing!


Jack and the Beanstalk

Year 2 were emailed by Jack from the story asking for help with Maths. They have been busy working out all sorts of problems for him and emailing him back! 

Today we measured what a 100m beanstalk would look like. There was lots of careful measuring going on as well as drawing of leaves to make our chalk beanstalk more realistic. 

We have used so much maths in this topic! Counting in tens, odd and even numbers, making patterns, using three numbers to make 10. I wonder what will be next? ………

Webpages on the Gunpowder Plot

We have written our very first webpages and have written about why we have fireworks and Bonfire Night in Britain. Have a read and see if you know all the facts.

Guy Fawkes by Rajsri

Guy Fawkes by Abbas

Guy Fawkes by Anish

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot by Lucy

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot by Varshnay

Guy Fawkes by Aljazi

The Gunpowder plot and Bonfire night by Bindu