5 Sentence Challenge


Talk about this picture. What can you see? What colours are there in the picture? What time of year is it? How many people are there? Who do you think they all are? What are they doing?

We have written about this picture on our blog. Can you make any of the sentences better?

First day in Year 2

We are in Year 2 now and today we looked at our blog and thought what we would like to say so here are our first Year 2 blog posts!

I liked it when we found the letters in our names by Lara

I liked it when I made a lego house with Lara and Rifga by Reneem

I liked it when I was making secret plans by Morgan

I liked playtime because I was lucky and saw my brother in Foundation by Rifga

I liked the start of the day because we are in Year 2 and I liked my name on my peg by Isaac

I had a really nice breakfast and the porridge will make me strong by James

I liked making new friends by Hasson

I liked the lego by Maximilian

Mrs Thomas liked it when she heard us read and thought we all read beautifully.


Our school trip By Lydia

On are school trip we looked at plants we saw pretty flowers and smelt herbs. Some of the flowers were pink some were yellow and some were red.We also planted cress and lettece and sunflowers we got to take the sunflowers home.

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