Josh 5sc

There   is a white dolls   house   with a  blue   roof   and  it is  on  a   wooden   shelf. There   is  a   scroo   driver   shelf   in   frunt    of    the   windo    there    is   a   spider web on the lamp.   grandad     is    wering    a    blue    top   .  there   is   a   wooden   chair.



5sc Hasson

There are some toys in the grandad’s shed because he made the toys but they got broken.

There is a heavy large brown hammer on the wooden bench.

There is a  blue and white house and the girl can play with it .

There is a clock because Grandad needs to know what time it is. The time is five past four.


Year 2 chefs!

Wow! Look at these pizzas! Year 2 have had a wonderful lesson with Mrs Sidoli. They made their own dough, mixing and kneading and then smoothed tomato puree over their base. Lastly they added toppings they fancied, peppers, sweetcorn and tomatoes, making faces or patterns. It was all very exciting and I’m sure that they have all been eaten up for tea tonight.

18 Our trip to Cog Moors by Hasson @DwrCymru @discoverdwr

When we whent to Cog Moors we lernt about water and water cycle.

We met a guy and his name is Sean and he had black hair and black shoes.  We played a game and it was a puzzle.

It was fun because he showed us a picture and then hid it and we had to match it and the bits where sticky.

There was a tank that we had to fill it up and had to measure it to tell us how much water we could save when we flush. We also did some maths like how many weeks is a year =fiftytwo weeks. We had to work out how much water we would wasted if we left a dripping water on for a year.