Out and About at Fforest Fawr

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Year 1 and 2 along with the Reception class went out exploring the woods behind Castell Coch today. We found so many things which we could tell you about- a dragon, slugs, spiders, acorns, beech nuts, stones, leaves and we made a den.

We watched out for the Gruffalo but didn’t see him although a few were sure that they had glimpsed a scary shadow in the distance! We gathered wood for a fire just in case we had to spend the night in our den but luckily our minibuses arrived to take us home..

One of the things we found was a knopper gall. We will be finding out about that tomorrow. Look out for another blog post on the subject.

Baking bread

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Today we visited the senior school and made bread just like the baker in Pudding Lane! We loved the kneading of the dough – push push, fold, punch. Luckily we didn’t set fire to the room or start The Great Fire of Cardiff.

5 sentence challenge – James

There is a waterwheel.                                                                                                                        A  girl is holding a baby.                                                                                                                        There is a dog  sitting  by  the lake with a girl.

There are lovely flowers on the grass. There are waterlilies and lily pads in the pond.

5 sentence challenge – Hasson

The smell of the flowers is relley nice.                                                                                                 There is one house and a water mill.                                                                                                There is a dog with the girl.  I  think they are a famliy    There is a lake wich some poeple can play in. The is door wich is open.